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Health & Safety awareness

Bosch Professional Power Tools has a strong ongoing programme of interactive campaigns to engage users on Facebook. We’ve contributed to several and recently delivered a neat interactive quiz around the theme of Health and Safety.

The challenge: engage to connect

Bosch’s lead marketing agency asked us to help tradespeople choose and use tools with safety in mind. It can be done in many ways but our challenge was ‘how to keep the messaging fresh and interesting?’ Bosch’s strong Facebook following has historically engaged well with interactive promotions so the aim was follow this route and devise something that would spread important H&S messages.


  • Q 1a
  • Q 1b
  • Q 1c
  • Q 2a
  • Q 2b
  • Q 2c
  • Q 3a
  • Q 3b
  • Q 3c
  • Q 4a
  • Q 4b
  • Q 4c
  • Q 5a
  • Q 5b
  • Q 5c
  • Q 6a
  • Q 6b
  • Q 6c

    The images above were used in the H&S quiz. BuzzedUp claims no ownership of them; they are for illustration only.

    The solution

    We were asked to produce an online quiz of seven questions (demo example) that would result in one of three possible outcomes for users. The quiz asked questions around:

    • Accidents in the workplace
    • Good practice and legislation
    • Protection for ears and eyes against dust in the workplace
    • Several other risks in the workplace

    While there was a serious intent behind this campaign, humour played a part in getting the outcomes Bosch wanted.

    Users completing the quiz were offered the chance to enter a sweepstake to win some good Bosch product prizes.


    The quiz got thousands of views (general brand and message awareness) and just under 400 entries (deeper engagement)—a success in the eyes of the brand. The campaign also played a role in raising Page Likes, partly as it was shared a lot, but also because the quiz and its prizes were only available to fans.

    This is one of several client success stories

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