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Lifecycle marketing for Toyota Lexus

Commissioned by the client’s lead agency, BuzzedUp was tasked with managing a range of email communications for the fleet sales operation at Toyota Lexus.

Regular monthly emails to fleet buyers and managers announced new models and shared brand-building valuable content. Major objectives for these general comms were to:

  • Encourage test drives
  • Draw prospects to non-sales content that positioned Toyota Lexus as an environmental leader

Our knowledge of the MessageFocus email platform from Adestra also allowed us to manage some complex event promotions (Golf Days, Track Days, Conferences).

We set up highly personalised email campaigns that ran in sequence with each step triggered by the last. Readers were essentially drawn down a funnel towrads an intended action—a booking—via an automated email program.

  • Challenge Confirmation Desktop
  • Had Fun Desktop
  • Preferences Desktop
  • Registration Desktop
  • Try Confirmation Desktop
  • Tuesday Desktop
  • Unsuccessful Edit
  • Invite1 Desktop

    BuzzedUp was also able to demonstrate to the fleet sales marketing director real-time applications for email within lifecycle marketing. At the brand’s HQ we ran a live demonstration of triggered email with multiple outcomes. The client immediately saw the value of automating instant, personalised email messages to valued customers.

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