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Marketing Donut: major website launch

Marketing Donut provides highly practical marketing advice, tools and resources to maximise marketing effectiveness for people running smaller businesses.

Launching into the worst recession in 60 years

Artboard 1The site, the first in a series for UK business owners and managers, launched into the most difficult time for bysiness in over half a century. BuzzedUp's founder Mick Dickinson was part of the team that conceived the website and he planned and executed its successful launch. 

A huge amount of planning, development and investment went into the design and content for Marketing Donut. And, from the outset, it was agreed that launch promotion, and indeed all marketing, would be delivered using content, the social web and online PR techniques. We opted out of an expensive above the line ads or traditional media PR.

Smart guerrilla marketing across multiple networks

With support from Mark Sinclair at Hubbub, Mick put together a plan to create an online buzz about the Donut. We targeted different communities with messages about the ideas behind the site, referring to the quality of advice offered and began to answer some of the questions it featured.

The Marketing Donut blog became the fulcrum for ideas and interaction with various interested stakeholders — a place for interested people to come together and chat before the site itself was live. We built a strong community of bloggers to help spread the message about the new site across selected business networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, Ecademy and Facebook.

Strong growth in a competitive market

The site launched in April 2009 with a ready-made audience thanks to six months of social marketing groundwork. Two key audiences — SME managers and marketing professionals — were accessed and successfully developed in the places they preferred to hang out – the forums, business networking sites, on blogs and Twitter.


Marketing Donut and its sister sites are regarded as the UK's leading SME business advice websites.