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Optimal send time now available in MailChimp

Email marketing platform MailChimp now allows all paid accounts to optimise the best time to send mail.  

How does it work?

The recommendations made for ‘best send time’ (within the next 24 hours from a selected delivery date) are determined by the historical clicks your list has made. The objective in finding ideal send time is, of course, to maximise click-through rates.

MailChimp’s algorithm analyses the actions that members of your list have previously taken — from all MailChimp emails they have received (not just the ones on your list).

The nitty gritty:

  • This new service looks at a rolling 24-hour period and so dynamically updates as more and more emails are sent and received, opened and clicked.
  • Recommendations are weighted to the most engaged readers on your list. This makes sense to me, as inactive recipients can go take a running jump, anyway.
  • The system looks to optimise the send time based on the best click-to-send ratio.

Using the ‘Sherlock Mind Palace’ technique, I recall from the tens of articles I’ve read titled ‘Best send time for email revealed’ that none of them agreed or were based on science (that I could understand anyway). MailChimps’s new service puts it on a plate for you, based on evidence and testing of 4+ million users.

MailChimp is one of the easiest and intuitive email marketing systems out there. While this ‘optimise send time’ feature is only available to paid accounts, it does illustrate once again MailChimp’s commitment to ongoing product development.

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