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How to maximise eBook uptake in MailChimp

If you've invested time and energy into producing an eBook you'll want the lots of people to read it. An outbound email campaign to a good list is a valid method to promote it; but how maximise uptake without spamming people?

  • Objective: use an eBook, white-paper or video to engage with prospects at the ‘Consideration’ stage in the sales funnel.
  • Method: send a series of emails to a warm list, varying the messaging and subject lines.
  • Avoid: sending emails to those who have already clicked on the Call-To-Action and downloaded the content.

Get the word out with email

Using content as a marketing tool to develop conversations with prospects is a tried and trusted tactic. And email remains a valid and effective tool for getting the content in front of your prospects. To optimise uptake of the fabulous content that you have slaved over, it is reasonable to send people a series of emails, at appropriate intervals and with alternate key messages.

What you don’t want to do is spam people with the same offer when they have already downloaded your stuff. The way to avoid this is to suppress those records that already clicked CTAs from all future ‘sends’ in your series. Do this using conditions — ‘subscriber activity’ — set for each email in the series. 

The universe of potential recipients contracts with every subsequent pass. This is a result of:

  1. MailChimp automatically cleaning your list of bounced email addresses
  2. The success of your campaign: the more people grab your content, the fewer will be offered it next time around.

You’ll be certain that those receiving emails 2, 3 or 4 in the series have not yet hit the call-to-action. It gives you the chance to change your messaging, perhaps based on feedback from those that HAVE gobbled up your sparkling content.

MailChimp offers paid accounts the option to automate some aspects of series emails — but I prefer to work the process manually..

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