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Verify your local business Facebook page to protect your brand

Facebook’s ‘verified badges’ for local businesses can be claimed by page owners. It’s worth spending a moment to verify your page as it provides a mark of credibility—a trust-stamp if you like—which will help customers and prospects be confident they’ve found you on Facebook.

It’s not unheard of for local businesses and brands to discover that there are several pages supposedly representing them on Facebook. (The problem of multiple listings is even more complex and problematic on Google places, but that is for another post). Verification solves the problem as users will ignore unverified pages.

What are the key benefits of Facebook page verification

  • As above, it formally identifies your page as genuine.
  • Verification may increase Likes as the page is seen to be the true representation of your brand.
  • Facebook suggests verified pages may perform better in searches.

What’s a ‘local business’?

The term local business applies to those which have just the one physical location (which must be is displayed on the page). Verification has been available to multi-site and multinational brands for some time. Now small and local businesses can get this stamp of approval.

How do I get verified?

Go to your page settings and look for ‘page verification’ (currently third down in the list). Follow the simple steps. TIP! have your phone nearby as you’ll get an automated call all the way from San Francisco!

  • Processing
  • Verify
  • Phone Number

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