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Facebook video tips

Facebook’s algorithm rewards success insofar as it prioritises content that is likely to be more meaningful to your page fans. That includes video content and these tips will help you get it right.

Latest advice from Facebook on video effectivenesss

If fans interact positively with a post there’s a better chance of that post appearing on more fans’ newsfeeds. This includes video, of course, and Facebook’s latest guidance is:

  • Make the content original (i.e. videos are made by you; maybe you appear in them) 
  • Make it authentic (i.e. videos are personal to you and don't stray from your topic, theme, or personal brand) 
  • Make them engaging (i.e. promote reactions and responses, dialogue and shares) 

Video tagging

Facebook asks that we add descriptive video tags — examples are “funny” or “sports” — to make videos easier to find in Facebook's search results. These tags are not visible to your fans, but in theory help Facebook make your videos more discoverable when people search for them. I have rarely used tags for business video content but will now experiment. The guidance is:

  • Make sure your tags accurately reflect your content
  • Add at least three tags per video
  • Try using a variety of both broad and specific tags

Hashtags... are they a thing?

Facebook’s blurb suggests “using hashtags on your Facebook post creates a dedicated space for fans to explore and engage with related content.” Hmmm. I’ve never searched Facebook by hashtag, but I might be the odd one out, I suppose. 

Start the video with an engaging preview

Anyone who’s ever published a video on Facebook knows that Insights often show heartbreaking viewer falloff on some videos. So, it makes sense to start the reel with a strong preview of what’s to come. Set an expectation to keep your fans tuned-in to the end. 

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