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Video on the move with Facebook Instant Experiences

We know that mobile video is becoming ever more popular. But for certain professions, almost all browsing, including video, is done on mobile.

I was pleased to experiment with Facebook Instant Experiences, a new (to me) way to share video on Facebook. Experiences (formerly Canvas) load fast, they're mobile-optimised and they're designed to capture the complete attention of an audience. It's very suited to one of my clients as the content is only available on the mobile app, perfect for the market in question.

Sales team sharing unique perspective

I wanted to produce an 'explainer' video — who better to front the show than those who know the product inside out: the sales team. Getting the main sales guy in front of the camera was a great way to get everyone 'on board'. Indeed it’s a way to unlock product and industry knowledge that only customer-facing staff ever truly know. A win-win all round.

Prepare on desktop; only visible on mobile

Facebook has no doubt developed Experiences primarily as an ad format but it’s possible to prepare and post as organic content too. All production can be done from the desktop, despite Experiences only showing on the Facebook mobile app.

Find Experiences via Post > Photo > Create Instant Experience and follow the super-simple workflow, which allows one to add various 'components', for example vertical video, a branded header, some selling copy and a call to action.

There are also further options to explore, for example browsers can swipe through carousels, tilt to pan and explore images with tagged products. I look forward to trying all that; but for the market I am serving, short explainer videos of 30-60 seconds work perfectly in this wrapper.

Facebook claims Instant Experiences load up to fifteen times faster than standard mobile web and I was expecting the output to be shonky. But video quality doesn’t seem any poorer than that I see elsewhere on Facebook. Time will tell as to whether this new option will get the eyeballs and engagement I am hoping for.

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