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Content and the buying process

Seeding your website with compelling content that chimes with your best prospects is a smart, measurable and effective way to influence the market.

How is content influential?

4magBecause it exactly matches questions customers are asking about the problem they are trying to solve. It fits into and becomes part of the purchasing process. People do research and seek recommendations from their networks. But your great content doesn’t have to stay on your site. Getting your content out there more widely on the web though guest articles, commissioned pieces and paid press release services gives you two bites of the cherry for content you’ve slaved over.

Let’s look at how most buyers research their needs and choices:

  • Basic desk research: online search.
  • Directed research: research influenced by a network or community, either offline or online.

These two are inextricably linked because Google’s returns are influenced at some level by social media. Buyers do their own independent research and reading, watching video and so on. And they also consult their friendship group and colleagues and other networks for recommendations and advice.

Smart consumers in control

Pound symbolThree key reasons content marketing has become established as a winning method:

  • People are well-equipped to filter out most outbound, interuptive marketing. For instance, we can ignore, skip or block ads on TV and online.
  • Direct mail and telesales are less effective as they depend on a crucial moment of ‘permission’ from your target prospect.
  • Buyers are more savvy and organised than ever before. They know how to find expert advice on a future purchase. 

Content is the No.1 Inbound Marketing building block  

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