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Content: an effective and direct route to market

24/7 web connectivity – allowing us to use web-based tools and apps – has become the ‘must-have’ utility. Just like food, water and power… we can’t do without the web. Help customers find you fast by publishing content they want to read.

wifiProperly connected, at last

The very image and meaning of ‘the web’ is now crystal clear, where once it was a foggy aspiration seen through a frosted glass. The web can be:

  • the primary way to connect with friends
  • the most convenient way to shop (and this includes business services)
  • a great way to enjoy learning and personal development
  • and the default starting point for entertainment options.

Where do customers research their next purchase?

Google is synonymous with ‘search’, but now social networks are now an equally good hunting ground when you need an answer fast. Many go first to Twitter for information, guidance and recommendations. Others choose to ask their trusted network on LinkedIn. And there are the trade forums and countless enterprise and business sites where people banter and get the latest gossip.

They’re all in the business of making buying decisions.

You snooze, you lose

Don't snooze. Get content marketing! You’ve got to be in amongst it to influence those decisions. A strategy of engagement in the most relevant online networks, backed up by a strong set of content, opens up new route to market for companies and individuals.

There is still time to get involved. Some people have grasped this opportunity early and are racing ahead. But many are still in the starting blocks. It’s never too late to ‘get it’ when it comes to content marketing. If you have a good service that people need, then you can still connect with the right kind of prospects this way .

The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Learn more about how content is an effective, affordable and direct route to market.

The next post illustrates how content marketing allows you to find customers at the precise moment they need you.

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