Marketing results for ambitious businesses

Marketing with content means you can go toe-to-toe with the big boys – and win!

Marketing with content cuts out the middle man and reaches your prospects directly – and on your own terms. Now you can influence buyer behavior without selling your soul or racking up a huge bill.

In the past, there has been a direct correlation between marketing budgets and sales revenues. Spending big-time on advertising, Direct Mail, glamorous events, entertainment and gifts meant big-time sales would come in… …or at least that’s what the marketing directors used to say!

But what if your marketing budget was small or non-existant?

Well, breaking the stranglehold of the big players in your market was pretty tough.

Market directly to the people you want to reach.

Simples! Happily for the UK’s small and medium-sized businesses, today’s marketing landscape is very different.

Sure, advertising still has a place in the marketing mix, but its power is hugely diminished. This is because audiences are fragmented and consumers have almost limitless choice of media. Mass marketing is harder because mass audiences just don’t exist like they used to (with a few exceptions like X Factor).

By harnessing search, online networks and communities, you can now reach prospects directly without the need for expensive intermediaries (such as newspaper or magazine publishers, TV networks, or marketing agencies). And smart use of content is at the heart of this opportunity.

A programme of valuable content aimed at your prospects and customers

A steady supply of valuable content – content that educates and informs your prospects so they make buying decisions in confidence – will gradually build your online position. You can steal a march on the big brands by being authentic, open and honest in a way that they sometimes find hard online.

Yes, the big guns continue to fire huge advertising volleys; but now you can pick off your prospects with a concentrated attack of compelling content. By adopting a strategic approach to content marketing – a consistent flow of compelling, easy-to-read content that solves peoples’ problems – your specialist sharp-shooting can win the war.