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The famous complaint from Henry Ford was that “half of my advertising is wasted—I just don’t know which half”. Ford’s comment was made in the heyday of newspaper publishing, when huge readerships provided a strong mass-market advertising platform, and yet he wasn’t happy. He wasn’t convinced he was getting good value from his ads.

Publishers, media owners and journalists became rich because they owned or controlled the key route to market for those marketing products and services. It was their magazines and TV shows that provided mass audience connections to brands. It's a very different marketing landscape now. 

Not only do we work at a thousand miles an hour, but we publish our thoughts to thousands of people. The trouble with speedy+publishing is the ensuing spelling errors. They can be anything from funny to embarrasing or disastrous.

Working for yourself means you can break up the day with a bit of exercise whenever you feel like it. We all know that running round the park or your local neighbourhood, wherever that may be, is good for health and wellbeing. But it can help keep your content engine ticking over, too