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Maximise campaign open rates with a scheduled re-send

Email marketing platform MessageFocus allows companies and brands an easy way to re-schedule campaigns to send again to those people who did not open the original email. 

This super-useful feature form MessageFocus is available to admins at the point of sending a campaign. We are prompted to set a time and date for an automated re-send—but are giving one further option: the chance to change the subject line.

Choose a good subject line for your email campaign re-send

Most good email campaigns lead with one main idea or message—don’t waver from that with your re-send. Revisit the main story in your email and distil the key message in a new, compelling way.

By scheduling a re-send to those who did not open ‘send #1’ you get two bites of the cherry; and it gives customers and prospects a second option to read your valuable information.

Email marketing reports for clients and agencies

MessageFocus reports neatly bundle all linked campaigns in one place so you can easily digest the main metrics. These headline reports may be shared with clients or others via a URL. Usually these top level metrics are all a client needs to report to the board, for instance.

However, extremely granular, detailed reports that give data on every minute aspect of a campaign are also available for export, if required.  

In future posts I’ll discuss the MessageFocus onboarding experience, A/B testing, segmentation, marketing automation and a longer item on detailed reports.   

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