Marketing results for ambitious businesses

Email marketing

Pound-for-pound, email is still the most cost-effective way to communicate with your prospects and customers.

Email consistently delivers value: generating awareness, bringing in enquiries, smoothing the sales process and sharing after-sales goodness. In fact, email could be playing a starring role at every stage of your sales process.

It's always been cost-effective but there is a whole new horizon of opportunities for email today. Email systems have become incredibly powerful; highly sophisticated, they allow for remarkable personalisation, targeting, dynamic content and even the automation of certain business processes.

Marketing automation with email at its heart helps buyers choose your business over the competition by serving them with relevant, helpful content at the exact moment they need it. Since the process is automated you can focus on managing the business while a steady flow of ripe prospects contact your sales team.

Equally effective with potential or current customers

Email is brilliant at maintaining awareness with prospects; and in our view is No.1 for delivering offers, advice and brand-positive content to your existing customers.

Your next email campaign could be hitting the spot in days. We can look after the design, message, targeting, and sending of your campaigns and newsletters. You get full, detailed reports that clearly demonstrate what each named individual on your list has clicked to read.

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