Marketing automation tools handle time-consuming, boring and repetitive communications tasks. They run 24/7 in the background. The valuable time freed up can be spent on other, customer-facing business, strategy, or direct sales, for example. Automation works whether you are B2C or B2B. The bottom line is that carefully planned automation programmes will increase the efficiency of your business and generate more, better enquiries and sales. Here's a small selection of posts on marketing automation.

The famous complaint from Henry Ford was that “half of my advertising is wasted—I just don’t know which half”. Ford’s comment was made in the heyday of newspaper publishing, when huge readerships provided a strong mass-market advertising platform, and yet he wasn’t happy. He wasn’t convinced he was getting good value from his ads.

A long time ago a case study on the car rental company Avis made an impression on me. Avis revelled in its ‘challenger’ status, using the slogan "We try harder" to deliberately position as the world's number two car rental company (behind Hertz, far and away the leader).

As one thinking about ‘brand trust’ a lot at the moment I was glad to find a video by a major publisher on the subject. But, before two minutes were up, I was raging.