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Business Improvers has developed an innovative new way to help people and teams unlock new business agilities, be more confident, discover untapped creativity and generate ideas.

Business Improvers bring skills derived from theatre practise to a business audience and there is an exciting future ahead for this new company. Co-founders John Nicholson and Kim Lawrence wanted a website that reflected their proposition and which worked seamlessly across all devices.

The challenge: start from zero

Business Improvers is a new business with a bright idea: using improvisation techniques learned from theatre in a business environment to free executives and teams so they perform better. Starting from scratch our challenge was to:

  • Help the founders articulate their proposition
  • Turn that insight into buyer personas
  • Produce an identity and website appealing to the target market.

We need a solution, and fast!

We quickly developed a brand ID and applied it to the new website build. Being completely new, Business Improvers had no marketing materials, mission or written down vision so our work involved a great deal of consultancy and writing to get the building blocks in place.

Business Improvers1

Result: clean, responsive site

After a lightning quick development the site successfully showcases Business Improvers’ unique proposition, demonstrates the founders’ credibility and offers visitors plenty of opportunities to delve deeper via cornerstone think-pieces, shorter blog posts and a growing library of video interviews and explanations. Business Improvers has already trained CEOs, MDs and other executives from leading businesses in the south west of England and is recruiting new coaches to expand.

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    BuzzedUp's Mick Dickinson invested in Business Improvers after seeing coach John Nicholson in action and adopting some of his improvisation tips and techniques. Learn more about these brilliant workshops.

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