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MessageFocus: best-in-class email marketing

I’ve been using Adestra’s MessageFocus email product for a couple of years while working on comms for an well-known automotive brand. It is the best enterprise level email marketing service I’ve used... and I've tried a few!

The email campaigns for the client have already achieved excellent results and, as a result, the email channel is becoming more deeply embedded into our strategy. But what have we achieved more generally with MessageFocus?

  • Integrated with Sage CRM so that data updates on both platforms synchronise. Client gets a joined-up view of customers and prospects.
  • Created a Preference Centre to gather valuable user data.
  • Used advanced data filtering to segment and target based on previous events.
  • Developed smart marketing automation programmes — customer journeys — to move prospects down the sales funnel or communicate key messages in the customer lifecycle.

MessageFocus is far more than an email marketing system. Using the platform and discovering its potential has forced us to reconsider marketing strategy in the light of what is possible.

I intend to post much more on MessageFocus but for now I must highlight its customer service which in my experience is unrivalled. Here is a technology platform that puts customers first and has opened various channels of communication to help customers. I get answers in seconds not minutes or hours. The customer service is so good it still surprises me!

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