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Optimise your email for mobile or die

We’ve all heard how important mobile is to business comms. But the dominance of mobile usage (for viewing mail) in some markets may shock you. In my work in the automotive sector a jaw-dropping 74% of email is opened on mobile devices.

Has your email services provider got mobile at its heart?

Some email marketing providers pay lip service to mobile responsiveness. But, when three-quarters of your comms are being viewed on mobile, you better make mobile usability the No.1 priority, or you’ll be pushing up the daisies in no time.

A responsive campaign is one that will automatically respond to the dimensions of your screen. This means that your content will automatically change/resize if you reduce the size of your browser or view on a smaller screen, such as a mobile or tablet. Most important, it must be readable, navigable and look great.

To avoid crash-and-burn, follow these five tips:

  1. As you develop your campaign, resize your browser to give some idea of of how the email may present on mobile devices. You might be surprised — or devastated — to see how poor they look as the width/height changes.
  2. Always run your campaigns through a content filter (Litmus is the market-leader) that demonstrates how the mail looks on the most common devices.
  3. Send yourself test emails and open them on your tablet and mobile.
  4. Always use high quality images — they scale down much better in mobile view.
  5. Check that any dynamic or conditional content is rendering correctly on mobile.

The table below shows, for my customer, which mobile devices/clients are being used to open mail and their relative share of total.

 Device Opened  % total  
 iPhone  2427  38%
 Android  1371  21%
 iPad  1025  15%
 Hotmail  564  10%
 Outlook  280  4.4%
 AOL  221  3.8%
 Gmail  212  3.5%
 Windows Live Mail  194  3.2%
 Yahoo  123  2.2%
 Windows Phone  55  0.9%
 Apple Mail  48  0.8%
 Thunderbird  22  0.4%
 iCloud  10  0.2%

I chose MessageFocus to manage email comms for my clients after a detailed comparison of features, benefits and prices. Its ability to optimise for mobile — and to report succinctly and clearly — was a major factor in my choice.

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