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Win more customers by showcasing your expertise using compelling content

Showcasing your own expertise is a legitimate and powerful marketing method. Whatever your business, at some level, you must be the expert. It’s your products and/or services, after all!

1 INTRODon’t you admire those people who truly know their trade, who know their topic inside out? These are the specialists who become known and admired. They operate from a position of strength.

So, when you or I have a problem, we’ll generally turn to a specialist for help. Guess what? These are the guys that can command the best prices. They can charge a premium based on their reputation for excellence (a product of their expertise). We don’t mind paying an expert for an expert job, in fact it is the best course of action.

Your first steps to marketing with expert content

Here’s how to get started using your own specialism as part of your marketing:

  • Step 1: Acknowledge, enjoy and be proud that you’re the expert on what you do and on your organisation.
  • Step 2: Learn a little more every day and push your knowledge further up the scale of expertise.
  • Step 3: Write something every day. It’ll take you deeper into your subject and hone your expert skills.
  • Step 4: Advertise the fact that you are the expert. Remember, when your prospects, customers, suppliers and partners deal with you, they want and need you to be the expert. They respect the confidence that comes with expertise.
    In the shoes of a potential customer

Whenever people have a problem, they search for answers. They actively reach out for help and advice, whether that’s to their network, or simply by doing a Google search.

Ideally, they want support and guidance from people who are clearly expert. People consume and digest the information they trust. Gradually, over time, they come to realise a need your type of services. If it is you that guided their decision making, then you are in pole position to get their business when it’s decision time.

The No. 1 expert in what you do is you

By answering customers’ questions, illustrating options, and connecting the dots of their knowledge, your expertise has made you No. 1 on their shortlist. And all you’ve done is generously share what you already know! (leaving your salesman’s hat firmly on the hatstand)

It’s a truism, but people buy from people, and whether it’s you or your staff that make evident the expertise within your organisation, expert content is a great way to find and connect with the right kind of customer.

This is the first in a short series on why marketing with content is good for your business. The next post shows how fine-tuning your ‘point of difference’ daily builds confidence and, ultimately, business advantage.

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