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As one thinking about ‘brand trust’ a lot at the moment I was glad to find a video by a major publisher on the subject. But, before two minutes were up, I was raging.

Trust is a brand's most valuable asset. To be trusted means being authentic, reliable, honest. If you think about it, there's not many brands spring to mind fulfilling those criteria. Yet it is increasingly what consumers and business buyers want.

Facebook’s algorithm rewards success insofar as it prioritises content that is likely to be more meaningful to your page fans. That includes video content and these tips will help you get it right.

A long time ago a case study on the car rental company Avis made an impression on me. Avis revelled in its ‘challenger’ status, using the slogan "We try harder" to deliberately position as the world's number two car rental company (behind Hertz, far and away the leader).

The role of advertising was always to make products and services appealing. 'Appealing' doesn't cut it now. Consumers are looking for a real and true connection with a brand these days. They are looking for empathy.