Marketing results for ambitious businesses

Is this you?

Do these statements reflect your situation?
  • “We're doing well but I know we can do better. It's time for a serious marketing review."

  • "We haven’t changed our email marketing approach for years. People don't want to open our mail!”

  • “Our sales and marketing isn’t joined up. Marketing just doesn’t bring in the leads any more.”

  • “I see others doing very well on social media but I never seem to have the time to make it work for my business.”

  • “Our website cost a fortune and we were told it would generate loads of enquiries. I’m still waiting.”

  • “I’m not sure whether to recruit an in-house marketing team or outsource some or all of the marketing...”

"Yes, some of those statements sound familiar."

As a business owner or manager you want to focus your energy where you can make the biggest impact. You know lead-generating marketing is crucial but it's not your No.1 skill. If you want a robust, clear marketing plan and a set of practical, do-able tactics to raise your profile, bring in quality enquiries and help you turn them into sales, then it's very likely we can help.

Will you benefit from working with BuzzedUp?

If you run a good business, are proud of it, but need some support with sales-led marketing, we offer proven result-based support. Our agency brings together very talented individuals to give you top-class service and results. We don’t run expensive offices; instead we use technology to keep overheads down, which means we can keep our fees modest.  While we don't make sky-high charges, we do offer a service equal or better than many big-name agencies, and one that is certainly more personal.

Your main point of contact and planner is Mick Dickinson who founded BuzzedUp in 2009 after 20 years senior experience in agencies and in-house marketing roles.

We work with an array of interesting businesses, many of whom have been loyal clients for years. Most clients are in the South West, along the M4 corridor and in the Midlands.

To arrange an informal chat about your challenges and ambitions contact us here.