Marketing results for ambitious businesses

How we set our fees

Fees are a reflection of the time marketing experts spend on your account. 

TypewriterIn the past a marketing or advertising agency was typically paid a commission on media bought plus something for creative work (ads). Quite a simple model for much simpler times.

But paid media isn't the primary way to influence buyer behaviour today. The routes to market are many and fragmented. The concept of media 'ownership' is fluid, at best. Consumers' own networks are large, responsive and influential when it comes to service, product and brand choices.  

A new agency model

Therefore, to deliver value to you, the client, marketing agencies today clearly need mastery of a very wide range of skills in order to influence buyers at multiple touchpoints. BuzzedUp's agency model is suitably nimble, responsive and multi-skilled with access to expertise across all the important channels. Skills include email marketing, social media management, online PR and blogging all powered by quality content. It's brought together by smart technology so subject experts work as a team on your account. Clients always work directly with Mick Dickinson, BuzzedUp founder.

How do you charge?


Projects have a distinct scope: a beginning, middle and end, and are delivered for a fixed fee. Typically fees are broken into two payments: one at the outset and one on completion. Projects are very carefully defined in terms of what will be delivered, when and how. They require a formal Schedule of Works to be agreed (and signed) by agency and client, and anything that falls outside the Schedule will most likely attract additional fees. A typical example is a website build.

2.Ongoing support

Ongoing support is billed month-to-month and suits clients seeking a steady or growing level of brand-building, lead-generation and sales. Such support may encompass distinct, major elements—such as a communications strategy or content plan—but are open and flexible. Because of the multitude of channels available to businesses and brands, and the multi-skilled nature of the team at BuzzedUp, we are able to deliver very strong and measurable results within this framework.

No ties

We don't tie our clients into long contracts; but equally we know from experience that very short-term engagements are almost always pointless for all parties. While it is possible to generate immediate results from instant paid campaigns. real value to a brand or business is delivered over time.


Our minimum level of engagement is £2,500.

  • Example #1: client requires ongoing support to deliver customer email program — fee £500 per month.
  • Example #2: client requires new website including all content — one-off fee split into two payments.