Marketing automation tools handle time-consuming, boring and repetitive communications tasks. They run 24/7 in the background. The valuable time freed up can be spent on other, customer-facing business, strategy, or direct sales, for example. Automation works whether you are B2C or B2B. The bottom line is that carefully planned automation programmes will increase the efficiency of your business and generate more, better enquiries and sales. Here's a small selection of posts on marketing automation.

The job of Marketing is to generate awareness and enquiries. The Sales team is charged with closing the deals and bringing in the revenue. Those two teams really need to talk!

Leading marketing technology provider ShortStack recently analysed over two million 'autoresponder' emails to discover some remarkable stats. Autoresponders are the emails that are automatically sent to those entering an online promotion, such as a sweepstake or competition.

Anyone in Britain can now access Graph Search, Facebook’s smart new development that lets you search within Facebook in an useful, intuitive and fun way. It’s a step forward from the search box we have known up to now. No matter where you reside, all you need to do is change your settings to ‘US English’ to get started.

Why is Facebook important to UK brands? Because it dominates the social networks, standing like Goliath and leaving a long shadow across the landscape.

Facebook’s paid advertising options allow for superb targeting and audiences can be saved for re-use or editing at a future date. But did you know you can use very similar targeting criteria for organic posts? Better still, it’s free!

Facebook's ‘Legacy Manager’ feature means someone can manage your account after you kick the bucket. Not exactly a happy thought... but who knows when the Grim Reaper will call.

Facebook’s ‘verified badges’ for local businesses can be claimed by page owners. It’s worth spending a moment to verify your page as it provides a mark of credibility—a trust-stamp if you like—which will help customers and prospects be confident they’ve found you on Facebook.